Wedding Party

Jacqueline McConnehea

Matron of Honor

Jacqueline and Taya have been best friends for twenty years. They have bonded over their curiosity of ghosts and fantastic beast. After graduating high school Jacqueline moved to multiple places for college and military wife life. Even though they had many miles between them, it only made their friendship even stronger. Thankfully Jacqueline moved back this year! She is also the amazing mother of Taya's god son. Taya couldn't imagine having anyone else by her side on the big day!

Maggie Collins


Maggie and Taya are cousins. Growing up Maggie, Taya and Tanner would spend many nights staying up watching scary movies. One night we will never forget is the night we were all watching Scream and Taya's dad came downstairs dressed up and with a chainsaw... Surprisingly Maggie continued to come over after that! Maggie now lives in North Carolina, but no distance can keep them apart!

Anna Keeton


Anna and Taya have been friends for a couple of years now. Anna has also known Riley since high school. No matter what they are doing through the nights are always filled with laughter and amazing times! Anna has made her way into not only our hearts but both of our family's as well. Anna is dating Riley's best man Nick!

Morgan Bufler


Morgan and Taya have been friends for 10 years. They have run 5k's, half-marathons, and mud runs together. They have also worked, played indoor soccer, and have shared many adventures together. They bond over their love for the Wizarding World. Morgan is an amazing teacher and she is dating my brother Tanner!

Davee Pennington


Davee is Riley's cousin. Davee helped Taya throughout her schooling. Davee is an amazing nurse working on an ICU floor. (If you see her around make sure to thank her for all her hard work!) Davee and Taya bond over their love for the Wizarding World as well! She is also expecting a beautiful baby boy!

Nick Parisi

Best Man

Nick and Riley have been best friends since 1st grade. Nick and Anna have been dating for 6 years. You can usually find the four of them every weekend hanging out and always having a good time. Riley often talks about Nick being his brother from another mother as they spent almost every day together throughout high school and most weekends dingdong ditching the neighborhood. Nick and Riley share many funny memories but also some very sincere moments, They always will have each others backs!

Trey Sharkey


Trey and Riley first became friends at Valvoline where they both worked. They shared a love for looking at cool cars as well as working on them. Trey and Riley share a passion for tinkering and can always find them 3D printing new gadgets or with R/C cars. They both have been there for each other through some hard times. Trey is an amazing man that Riley is proud to call him his friend!

Brady Boeddeker


Brady is Riley's older brother by three years but the younger of a few minuets from his twin Austin. Brady and Riley like to do adventurous things together such as rock climbing. On vacations you can always count on Brady for having fun board games and card games to play as a family. He is always there when you need him. Brady is always there for his family and friends.

Austin Boeddeker


Austin is the oldest brother by a few minuets. Austin and Riley bond over computer games and their pets. They also share a bond over their liking of firearms. On camping trips or vacations Austin was always the adventurous one, he was the first one to jump in any water no matter the height. Austin is always there for his family as well. He has such a kind heart and can brighten any situation.

Tanner McWhorter


Tanner is Taya's older brother. Tanner has his masters in electrical engineering and has released numerous research papers. Tanner and Taya share a bond for Harry Potter, Despicable me, horror movies and of course you cant forget Icees. Tanner and Riley talk about engineering and school, Riley would not have been able to pass his circuits class without Tanner!